Glendive Livestock Exchange Stock Cow and Bred Heifer Special

Glendive Livestock AuctionSaturday, Nov. 28th at 12:00 noon.

5 – Dispersions of 2 to 11 yr old cows

  • 250 Fancy Bred Heifers
  • 100 – 3 to 4 yr old Bred Cows
  • 270 – 5 to 8 yr old Bred Cows
  • 300 – good short-term Cows

Here our a few of the consignments:

Glendive Livestock Exchange Consignments - Saturday, Nov. 25
Trevor Temple Dispersion 100 Blk BWF 4-8 yr old; 40 hd 7 yr olds Bred Blk Simm, March 20
Mary Bucher Dispersion 120 Blk cows(40-4yr; 40-5yr; 20-6yr to 8yr; few short term) Bred Blk & Red Angus, March 15th, Spring & Fall vaccination program
Ralph Rising 25 Blk Angus Bred heifers Home raised
Bennett Farms 60 Blk Angus Bred heifers Bred Blk Angus (Stortz Ranch), March 15th
Gary Kartevold 25 Blk Angus Bred heifers Bred Blk Angus, March 15th; 45 days, home raised
Steve Thoeny 50 Blk Angus Bred Cows (7-9yr) Bred Blk Angus, March 25th, home raised
Temple Diamond Bar 12 Blk BWF Bred Hfrs Bred Blk Angus; April 15-25
101 Ranch 60 Blk & Red 4 to 8 yr old cows Bred Blk Angus; March 20th 45 days
Chuck Kahl 20 Blk Bred Hfrs Bred Blk Angus Cedar Ridge Bull; March 15th for 45 days; PregGuard shot & Poured
Ken Brose 15 Blk Angus Bred Hfrs Bred Idland Blk Angus Bulls; March 7th for 45 days; Poured & All Shots
Idland Cattle Co. 19 Blk Angus Bred Cows (12 hd 3-8 yr old)(7 hd short term) Bred Blk Angus, March 18th to April 7th
4 Red Angus 5 yr old cows Bred Red Angus, March 16th to March 30th
Diede 40 Blk & Char short term cows Bred Blk Angus & Char, March 15th, Poured
Steen Farms 12 Blk Angus Bred Cows (6-coming 4yr olds) (6-coming 6&7yr olds) Bred Blk, March 5th for 50 days, scour shot, virioLepto, PregGuard 9, poured
Gentz Land & Livestock 35 Blk short term cows Bred to Lassle & Begger Blk AngusSimmX Bulls, March 29th, Yearly Vaccination program
N Triangle Ranch 30 BWF Bred Hfrs (Fl cross Hrfd cow - Blk Bulls), Home raised, gentle Bred Low Birth weight Blk Angus, March 1st
Kolberg 25 Blk Angus bred Hfrs; Home raised Bred Low birth weight Idland Bulls, April 5th to April 25th
Greiman Inc. 60 Blk Angus short term cows Bred Blk Angus, April 28th to June 10th
Alan Doane 23 Blk Angus short term cows, home raised Bred Blk Angus, April 28th to June 10th
Essinger Land & Cattle 6 Blk 3 yr old cows, home raised Bred Blk Balancer Bulls, March 20th


Plus lots more consignments of Bred Heifers and Stock Cows.

For more information, contact Vaughn Hoffer at 406-377-2697 or 406-939-2960.


Two Brothers Supply - Glendive Livestock Exchange

Two Brothers Supply – Glendive Livestock Exchange